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Baccarat Online Game Canada Review

Perhaps, every devoted admirer of gambling games has heard at least once about the elite origin of the baccarat game. Thus, according to the legend, this game was the favourite type of gaming entertainment among aristocratic society. Another interesting notion is that the iconic MI6 agent from the world-known series of books was also fond of playing baccarat.

Such an image of this casino game confuses ordinary players. They imagine that the rules of this enthralling game are very complex and hard to comprehend, while the only acceptable stakes are incredibly high. In reality, it can be accurate only in elite gaming clubs, where only VIP players are tempting their fate. 

In the gambling business, online or offline, designed for the average punter, the situation is precisely the opposite. Baccarat casino game has long been a public entertainment with simplified and straightforward rules and reasonable betting ranges.

As of now, it is immensely popular in virtual and brick-and-mortar casinos in plenty of countries around the globe.

Baccarat Game: Basic Rules

The rules of playing baccarat online and offline are quite simple and do not require possessing any specific skills or extensive gaming experience. The essence of the game is to choose between bidding on the Player’s victory or the Banker’s win. Bear in mind that none of these stakes represents a gambling resource or a gambler. The meaning of casino baccarat is the same as in the “Heads or Tails” game.

It means that the winner is the one who gets the sum of points closest to 9. The value of the “illustrated” cards (Jack, Queen, King), along with ten is 0. All aces are valued at 1 point. The other cards bring you from 2 to 8 points according to their face value. Since 9 is the highest possible number of points in baccarat online and offline versions, if the result is greater than 9, the value of 10 is discarded. For example, a hand with 5 and 8 will count as 3 points (13 – 10 = 3). If the total number of points of the participant is 8 or 9, the victory is considered “natural” and is automatically assigned to the player.

In traditional, real-life casinos, every interested punter will find different versions of the baccarat casino game, with various numbers of decks and participants. Subsequently, the rules of the game will differ as to who draws and deals the cards. Usually, from 12 to 14 players and 3 croupiers are present at the table. In the mini version of online baccarat and its land-based option, six players and one dealer participate in the game. 

Baccarat at Casinos: Peculiarities 

A while ago, baccarat was a club game in which opponents were competing with each other. They dealt cards in turns or asked the croupier to do so. They also independently decided whether to ask for another card, counted their points and determined the winners.

In the Internet-based gaming institution, punters play baccarat online for free or money, gambling against this institution. They make stakes on the victory of one of the conditional parties (the Player, the Banker, or Tie), and then just watch the process.

In specific free online baccarat slots, the participation of other players is simulated in the gameplay, but the core principles remain the same. 

Online Baccarat

This exciting game was one of the first to appear in the ”Live” section of the web-based casinos. In most instances, these gambling platforms offer mini baccarat free version with real-life dealers.

Baccarat Game Canada Live Table
An exemplary live baccarat online table – screenshot

In most cases, the main rules of playing free baccarat (or chasing cash prizes) are not super original. Do not forget to specify the terms and conditions directly at each virtual table. And, most importantly, – find a credible virtual casino with an excellent reputation and high coefficients! 

Free Baccarat Tips on Winning 

Now we would like to share with you some practical guidelines on how to increase your chances of beating the baccarat dealer at a gaming portal. We will talk mostly about Mini-Baccarat, as the prevailing number of gamblers tend to choose this type of baccarat online for free and for money.   

  • Pick games with a minimum commission at the croupier’s rate.
  • Always (almost, as often as possible) place a bet on the Banker’s victory. 
  • Avoid betting on a Tie (aka Draw). 
  • Do not rely on the card counting strategy in free baccarat games powered with RNG.
  • Thoroughly study the rules and features of unusual baccarat versions.


Is it hard to play free baccarat online? 
Regardless of its history, baccarat is one of the simplest types of gambling entertainment you can imagine. Plus, its virtual and offline versions are not that different. 
What is the best stake to place at online baccarat for free or for money?
As it was mentioned before, the best choice is to place a bid on the Banker’s win.

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