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Online Roulette Canada Review

Many gamblers are currently very keen on online roulette, which can be played in numerous casinos on the Internet. Despite the fact that the first version of this thrilling game appeared several centuries ago, it is still very popular among venturesome visitors to gaming platforms. These days, virtual establishments treat their customers with a decent variety of types of roulettes for free or for money, which differ from each other in certain details. However, the basic principle of the roulette game, as a rule, remains unchanged.

How to Play Online Roulette: Rules and Stages

The name of the popular gambling game originally came from the French word roulette, which translates as a “small wheel.” In brick-and-mortar institutions, a “regular” roulette game is managed by a casino employee. Roulette online, in turn, is controlled by a unique algorithm developed by software providers. The key elements of this game of chance are a ball and a wheel with sectors (or slots). At the beginning of the round, the ball starts spinning in the wheel and then stops in one of the slots. In many versions of the casino roulette game, the number of sectors does not exceed 36. Half of them are painted black, and the other half is red. It is worth noting that the slots are numbered out of order. In addition to the main sectors, roulette also has a special one called “zero.” As a rule, it is painted in green colour.

The main stages of playing roulette are as follows:

  1. First of all, players need to decide on the size of their bets.
  2. To choose a bet, you need to use chips, putting them on the desired sectors and colours.
  3. After the round launches, the ball starts moving on the wheel.
  4. Immediately after stopping the ball rotation in online roulette for free (or money), the results are calculated.
  5. In some versions of the game, participants can skip one or more spins.

Roulette Online: Variations

The indisputable advantage of the web-based portals for roulette fans is the variety of versions of this exciting gambling game. Software manufacturers periodically release new models that catch the eye with a realistic picture and offer unusual features. In the portfolio of some developers, several versions of money-fetching and free roulette game are presented at once, including unique variations in which it is easy to get confused not only for a beginner but even for a sophisticated punter.

American Roulette Canada – Original Art

For the present, there are several famous varieties of this gambling game. Most often, in virtual casinos, there are European, American, and French roulettes. First, these types of roulettes in casino for free or for money differ in the number of slots in which the ball can stop. In the American version, the number of slots amounts to 38. Besides, this type of engaging casino game has an additional “double zero.”

It is recommended that those who are only starting to play roulette online get the hang of the game in its basic types: 

  • European
  • French
  • American

Of course, during the development of real-life and Internet-based gambling, many of the original features of these varieties were mixed. However, each of them has specific characteristics that can be considered fundamental. They allow you to assign almost every version of free roulette game (except for very non-standard models) to one of the above categories.

Roulette Game: Popular Types of Game

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of free online roulette.

European Roulette

The rules of European roulette can be considered the most “canonical,” since in Europe – or, namely, in France – this captivating game was created. The wheel is divided into 37 sectors, each numbered from 0 to 36. Moreover, if the ball stops at 0, all participants lose, regardless of their bets. This nuance is necessary to ensure that the casino remains with a 2.7% probability of getting a profit.

American Roulette

As the name implies, this online roulette in Canada is in high demand in the Western World. However, this statement is only relevant for the game offered in land-based casinos. As for the virtual roulette – it is no less popular than the European one. 

It differs from the European variation in that there is another sector – 00. That is, the total number of sectors is 38. This is the same “zero,” so gaming establishments with American roulette win almost twice as often – with a 5.26% probability. On the web, the fans of the American type can play roulette for free, so in the world of online gambling, it is almost as popular as the European one.

French Roulette

Technically, this is an exact copy of the European roulette. The only difference is the “La Partafa Rule,” which guarantees players a “consolation” prize equal to half their bet if the ball stops at 0.

Roulettes Free Strategies 

Depending on the relevant coefficients, the risk associated with making a particular bet changes. It allows punters to develop their own game strategies. The following strategies for playing roulette for fun or money are considered to be the most popular among existing ones: 

  • The Fibonacci strategy;
  • The Martingale strategy;
  • The Labouchere strategy;
  • Thomas Donald betting system;
  • The Dozens and Columns system;
  • Cuban betting system;
  • The Garcia betting system;
  • The “5 of 6” strategy;
  • Titanic betting system;
  • The Lucky Seven strategy;
  • The Biarritz strategy.

The features of each of these roulette free strategies deserve special attention. However, they all have a common feature – each of them is based on the mathematical theory of probability. Therefore, with proper mathematical skills, the exploration and application of these tips on playing roulette online for free or for cash, will not cause you any problems. It is quite possible to win at roulette at Internet-based casinos using the strategies mentioned above, but in the end, you still can lose everything. 


Is free roulette online rigged? 
This scenario is possible only in the untrustworthy gambling institutions that are poorly regulated. All credible gaming resources offering roulette free play and money-involving sessions check their games regularly, excluding any possibility of frauds.  
Is it possible to win at roulette online for free?
The odds of winning at roulette on the web are almost the same as in real-life casinos.

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