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Video Poker Online Review For Canada

Video poker won the hearts of passionate gamblers a while ago – at the end of the 18th century. It is an enthralling casino game that represents a synthesis of poker with a slot machine. The game is played on a slot poker machine without the participation of a dealer. The player needs to collect a specific combination to fetch a prize. For example, the lowest combination can be a pair of tens (10), and it brings you wins according to the 1:1 ratio. Video poker online is distinguished from standard poker by the presence of the Joker – a sort of a Wild symbol in slot games that replaces any other card to make the best combo. 

The entertaining game will appeal to fans of gambling machines and poker, as it combines both of these gaming activities.

The Essence of Poker Slots

The essence of playing video poker games for free or in the pursuit of money prize is very simple and accessible to those who have played regular poker at least once in and are familiar with the combinations that come along with it. So the goal in videopoker is to collect a winning combination of 5 cards. For example, in Tens or Better, the worst paid sequence is a pair of 10s, ending in the player simply “returning” their bet.

If you have played a dozen of video poker games as a minimum, you know that it is played with a classic 52-card deck. Sometimes, additional cards are added to the deck, such as the Joker, or some cards are withdrawn to balance the advantage of the virtual casino.

Thus, the game can be divided into two stages:

  1. First, the participant places a bet and starts the game, he/she is dealt five cards, among which the player must choose the cards that he/she wants to keep.
  2. Then there is a new distribution of those cards that were not selected (such action in poker slots is called “Hold”). After changing cards again, the beneficial combo is determined. If there is one, the payout is made according to the paytable provided by the gambling establishment. In case a winning sequence is not collected, the player loses their bet.

Free Video Poker: The Most Important Aspect

Do you remember the last time you played online video poker in a new virtual gaming institution? Most likely, you chose a slot machine at random, sat down, and started gambling. At best, you quickly looked through the paytable featured at the casino’s website. This is what most novice punters do, making a grave mistake! First thing first, you need to research all vital data about the type of poker slot machines you have chosen and find out its potential return-to-the-player percentage.  

Free Video Poker Visual Evidence
A real screenshot made during one of the live poker slots

It applies not only to entirely new versions of the gambling games for you but also your favourites, because, in different games, this indicator may also differ. When starting a free video poker game or its money-hunting version, you should first check the paytable and make sure that it offers coefficients that are no lower than the widely accepted ones.

Video Poker Free: Payout Ratios

Let us look at the possible options on the example of the Jacks or Better video poker, as well as potential payouts for some of the sequenced that are found in different web-based casinos.

As a rule, if you bet one coin, the central part of the combinations in this type of video poker machines is paid equally in all gambling establishments. The discrepancies concern the Flush and Full House. Possible options are listed below:

Flush Full House
6:1 9:1
6:1 8:1
5:1 9:1
5:1 8:1

These differences in payouts have a very significant impact on the advantage of the gaming resource and the theoretical percentage of return. Of course, this indicator will be the most profitable for the player in the first example. If you play flawlessly in this poker session, you can achieve an RTP of 99.5%. As the payouts for these combinations decrease, this indicator also drops. On average, the level of reduction is slightly more than one percent for each unit taken from the payment.

There may be several Jacks or Better free poker slots in both land-based and online casinos, but not all of them will have the same paytables and, consequently, the percentage of return. So you will have to find out this information for yourself. 

Through mathematical calculations and knowledge of statistics, you can find out how important it is to focus on studying the video poker slots that you are going to gamble at. On average, approximately eight hundred hands are played per hour. If we assume that you will play for a quarter of a dollar, then your theoretical losses on two video poker free slot machines with maximum and minimum payouts from the above will be as follows:

  • 6:1 for the Flush and 9:1 the Full House (an RTP of 99.5%) – the loss of $5;
  • 5:1 for the Flush and 8: 1 for the Full House (and RTP of 97.3%) – the loss of $27.

As you can see, in just an hour of playing video poker even for 25 cents, you theoretically lose $22 more if you choose a slot machine with low payouts for the Flash and Full House. It is easy to calculate how much your loss will increase if you bet, let’s say, a dollar.

Therefore, in every type of free video poker games, you must look for slot machines with maximum payouts for all sequences. Also, keep in mind that not all versions of video poker have the same upper payout limit.

Where to Play Free Video Poker Games?

If you are adamant about trying your luck at numerous varieties of video poker on the Internet, start with looking for a suitable, reputable virtual casino. As there are myriads of decent gambling establishments offering free online video poker and its money-engaging option, you need to focus on the top-rated organizations only. Feedbacks from former visitors of those web-based casinos will also come in handy. 


Is video poker free online similar to playing brick-and-mortar games?
Yes, they are almost 100% identical. Additionally, most online casino software providers also create poker games for real-life institutions. 
Where do I download a video poker free app from?
If such an application, offered by a particular casino exist, you can download from either the casino’s official website or using Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

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